7 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself About Your Personal Trainer

1. What Are Their Qualifications?
2. Are They Formally Qualified To Give Nutritional Advice?
3. Are They Completely Attentive To YOU? – Not Their Phones
4. Are They Correcting Your Technique?
5. Are Your Workouts Designed To Help You Reach ‘Your Goals’?
6. Does Your Trainer Really Care About You & Your Goals or Are They More Focused On ‘Their’ Idea Of Your Goals
7. Are They Teaching You To Engage Your Core?

If you’re not 100% happy with the answers, why are you paying for their services? It’s time to find yourself a new trainer!!!!

A trainer that understands and cares about YOU and YOUR goals.

A trainer that is qualified to give you the advice they are giving – and when I say qualified I mean certified!! Anyone can google ‘nutrition plans’

A trainer that has empathy and understands that your wellness journey is full of potholes and bends and NEVER EVER judges you or makes you feel inferior to them.

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