Effectiveness of introducing positive psychology in the workplace

Late last week I had the great pleasure of attending an inspiring breakfast presentation in Melbourne from Sue Langley of ‘Langley Group’ and Scott Nell from ‘Schneider Electric’.

Attending presentations like this one and having the opportunity to chat with like-minded people is always so inspiring, this one was no exception. Having the opportunity to network with like-minded people who share the vision of improving health and wellness through the principals of positive psychology and neuroscience to form health habits, enhance positive emotions, build resilience and tune into people’s strengths.

Some great take home messages from the presentation were:

  • When organisations invest in employee wellbeing, outcomes for both the employee and the organisation are tangible with return on investment yielding approximately five dollars for every dollar spent on employee health and wellness.
  • When employees feel valued, engaged, and happy in the workplace they produce more dopamine, this transfers to improved productivity, increased creativity and innovation.
  • People with a positive mindset are more collaborative and focussed on achieving strategic goals, resulting in better business outcomes and profit.
  • Equipping leaders with the tools to harvest positive culture and enhance employee wellness is an important factor in the success of workplace health and wellness programs. Using positive communication and reminding people of the difference they make harvests positivity, creating a ripple effect throughout an organisation.

With most of us spending 30% of our lives at work, workplaces provide the ideal setting to make health and wellness a priority. Implementing a workplace health and wellness program into your organisation not only has positive outcomes for your employees but most often has a positive effect on family and friends of employees also.

At 1Life Health and Wellness Consulting we work closely with organisations to develop holistic programs tailor made to suit each workplace, helping to ensure optimal outcomes for the workplace, individuals and their families. For a free phone consult to discuss options for your workplace email info@1life.net.au

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