Why workplace health and wellness must come from the top

Why workplace health and wellness must come from the top – lead by example!!

As a Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, I often hear the words “you fitness nuts just want everyone to be like you.”  Well I guess a part of us does,  but only because we know have wonderful it feels to be fit,  healthy and getting the most out of life….. this is how many of my clients begin, they want to feel what I feel, energetic, happy, fit, and well.

 In my experience the same philosophy applies to workplace wellness programs, if the executive staff are invested, the ripple effect applies, staff jump on board and fly…..

So, in my conversations with organisations considering implementing a workplace health and wellness program, they often ask me, how do we convince our staff to join the program’? My answer, easy.. if staff know there is a genuine belief from the executive team that wellness is the cornerstone of culture and they aren’t just offering the program as a perk, then I guarantee your workplace will see the benefits.

  1. Lead by example…… walk the talk

Actions create behaviours

Behaviours create culture

2. Deliver it organically and from a place of care – not with a view to make money.

Of course, you will see return on investment (average of $5.81 for every dollar spent) but don’t use ROI as the motivator

 3. Do it because you care – don’t justify wellness, do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Developing a culture of proactive wellness in the workplace starts at the top, implementing health and wellness strategies in the workplace shows your staff you truly care and value them.

4. Because people like to be asked ‘how do you feel’ ….Ask people how they feel.

Yes, we need to take baseline measurements, but simply asking people to rate how they feel on a scale out of 50 can be extremely powerful. For example, someone might rate their health and wellness score as 22 out of 50, then after 3months participation in the program they self-rate 28 out of 50,  that alone is huge. It may not seem a great score for a person rating themselves 45/50 but to the person previously self-rating 22/50 it is a huge improvement.

5. Because you genuinely want to improve staff morale, team work and self-efficacy of your staff.

“People’s belief in their abilities have a profound effect on those abilities. Ability is not a fixed property: there is a huge variability in how you perform. People who have a sense of self-efficacy bounce back from failures; they approach things in terms of how to handle them rather than worrying about what can go wrong.”

–        Albert Bandura

As I have written about on many occasions the benefits of implementing a  workplace health and wellness program in your organisation are endless, for both the organisation and employees. But, in my experience when the executive team are on board and truly invest themselves in the program, staff are more engaged and the benefits are magnified.  If you would like to have a chat about a workplace wellness program for your organisation give me a call.

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